Reymarcos on his hip-hop journey

Introducing Reymarcos: Crafting Hip Hop with Heart |

Enter the realm of Reymarcos, where the pulse of hip hop beats in rhythm with life’s reflections. His musical odyssey commenced at a tender age of 8, sparked by Zro’s “I Hate You”. That moment birthed a passion that would define his journey.

Driven purely by love for the craft, Reymarcos found himself drawn to Lubbock’s music scene, where the beat of his heart harmonized with the city’s musical essence.

His influences, a constellation of legends including Eminem, Zro, Spm, Russ, and Pimp C, serve as guiding stars in his artistic universe. “They’ve sculpted my sound, unlocking the ability to express emotions and nurturing an independent mindset,” Reymarcos shares.

But beyond beats and rhymes, his music carries a deeper resonance. “Let the hardships in life be the fuel to launch you to a better tomorrow,” he advocates passionately through his lyrics, weaving threads of hope and resilience.

Amongst the milestones adorning his career path, stands a single he produced, soaring to the top of streaming platforms. It’s a testament to his dedication and connection with his audience.

To delve deeper into Reymarcos’ world, immerse yourself in his “Rhythm and Reflections” podcast, where music meets the soul in a captivating symphony.

$hake Money

Lubbock's Rising Hip-Hop star - Shake Money

Exploring Lubbock’s Musical Undercurrent with $hake Money |

The heartbeats of Lubbock’s underground music scene echo diverse stories, each tune a narrative of untamed passion. In this bustling realm, enter $hake Money, a name that reverberates with the essence of hip-hop, with roots tracing back to the very fabric of Lubbock.

The journey into music for $hake Money wasn’t a mere coincidence; it was a destiny entwined with the rhythms of life. From the tender age of second grade, music brewed within, nurtured by the eclectic genres that surrounded him, thanks to his brothers. Scribbling rhymes turned into lunchtime freestyles and classroom rap sessions at Lubbock High School – where his rhythm found a home.

Lubbock became more than just a city; it became a canvas where his musical artistry thrived. Inspired by a diverse range from Kanye West to A$AP Rocky, his influences sculpted his sound – a fusion of darkness, melody, and the rawness of life itself.

For $hake Money, music isn’t just beats and rhymes; it’s a canvas to unveil his reality, inviting listeners into his world. His tunes carry the weight of relatability, each lyric a story, each melody a chapter in his journey.

Amongst the shadows of local shows in Lubbock and the electric energy of Jake’s Back Room, $hake Money found a moment under the spotlight, opening for Kap G back in 2018. It was a milestone, a nod to his artistry gaining traction in the city that shaped him.

In the pages of Lubbock’s musical diary lies $hake Money’s chapter – a testament to the city’s diverse rhythms and the story of an artist weaving raw, relatable tunes.

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