Rattlesnake Roy


— How it all began

Unveiling Rattlesnake Roy: The Podcasting Dynamo | In the vibrant landscape of Lubbock's entertainment scene, Rattlesnake Roy stands tall as a pioneer in the world of podcasting. His journey commenced humbly, armed only with a phone and a fervent desire to create something extraordinary. Inspired by titans like Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz, Rattlesnake Roy carefully crafts a podcasting tapestry that transcends mere words. It's a gateway to uncharted ideas and a breath of levity in the chaos of life. His influences? They're his tapestry's threads. "I'm basically all of those guys put together in one," he quips with a grin. What's the heartbeat of his podcast? It's more than just entertainment; it's a catalyst for dreams. "To inspire people to pursue their dreams and be whoever they want to be in this life," he passionately expresses. Amidst this audio adventure, there's a defining moment etched in Rattlesnake Roy's memory - his first live session. It was a rush of adrenaline, nerves entwined with excitement, marking the inception of something monumental in his podcasting voyage. So, step into Rattlesnake Roy's world of podcasts - where laughter, motivation, and a dash of inspiration create an audio symphony that's bound to captivate and inspire.

What's My Motto

I like people with a little bit of edge to them. They gotta do something.

— Joey Diaz

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