Selena Martinez


— How it all began

Selena Martinez: Lubbock's Comedy Maven If laughter is the best medicine, then Selena Martinez is the town's resident healer. A stand-up comedy virtuoso, she isn't just tickling funny bones; she's forging connections through humor in Lubbock, Texas. Martinez's comedic voyage began amidst the vibrant energy of Backstage (now Blacksheep) in January 2018. It was there that she found her comedic voice, inspired by the camaraderie at the Laugh Hub City comedy open mic. Her comedic style draws inspiration from the likes of Angela Johnson-Reyes, Taylor Tomlinson, Kathleen Madigan, and Margaret Cho. These seasoned comedians have shaped Martinez's knack for crafting relatable yet sidesplitting anecdotes, infusing her performances with authenticity and longevity. "Forget your troubles and share a laugh" seems to be Martinez's mantra. Through her performances, she aims to unite diverse audiences, transcending barriers with the power of words and wit. Her journey is dotted with standout moments. Martinez has graced the stage as the opening act for a multitude of nationally touring comedians, leaving audiences in stitches with Reena Calm, Anna Valenzuela, Brandie Posey, Lisa Curry, Kelly McInerney, Mo Alexander, Matt Alano Martin, and countless others. Moreover, her efforts have played a pivotal role in expanding Laugh Hub City's local prominence. Martinez's story isn't just about punchlines; it's about fostering laughter as a unifying force. As she continues to spread joy and mirth, Selena Martinez stands as Lubbock's comedy luminary, using humor to bridge the gaps and bring people closer, one laugh at a time.

What's My Motto

Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.

— Peter Ustinov

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