$t@y Gold


— How it all began

Lubbock Underground Spotlight: $t@y Gold - The Versatile Sound of 806 | In the heart of Lubbock, Texas, a musical sensation has been brewing – $t@y Gold. This band's name may ring unfamiliar, but their music resonates universally. $t@y Gold's journey commenced in a quintessential rock'n'roll garage band back in 2005 when Leezy and Dougla$ embarked on their musical odyssey, venturing through an array of genres. "We've always believed in exploring the limitless boundaries of sound," they shared. When asked about their choice of Lubbock, they replied with unwavering pride: "It's all about shedding light on local 806 music. It's 806 vs the world for us." Their passion for their hometown's music scene is palpable, an unwavering dedication to their roots. Their musical influences form a kaleidoscope of sound, ranging from the classic tunes of Waylon Jennings to the rebellious energy of Rage Against the Machine. "We draw inspiration from everything - from Eminem's lyrical prowess to the raw passion of Ozzy Osbourne," they confessed. This eclectic mix is the very essence of their style, leading to their defining trait: versatility. But what lies at the core of $t@y Gold's music? "Every emotion a human can feel & Blue Collar Hustle," they assert. Their music is a rollercoaster of feelings, an authentic portrayal of life's diverse experiences. Reflecting on their journey, they cherish moments from their humble beginnings at Brown Bird Studios to filming their maiden music videos with Dreams Made True Productions. "Those were the stepping stones that paved our way," they reminisced, with gratitude for the support that catapulted their music forward. Keep an ear out for $t@y Gold - a band redefining music one genre at a time, proudly representing the essence of the 806.

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