Bye Mourning

the Indie Y'allternative world of Bye Mourning

Introducing Bye Mourning: Crafting Indie Y’allternative Vibes |

Enter the realm of Bye Mourning, a burgeoning force in Lubbock’s music tapestry. Their musical expedition took root amidst a backdrop of musicians, nurturing a passion for melodies from an early age.

Inspired by the vibrant musical scene and pursuing higher education, Bye Mourning found solace in Lubbock’s rich music culture. “I’m here for college, and the music scene is pretty sweet,” they note.

Their artistic canvas draws hues from diverse influences like Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Childers, Cage the Elephant, Johnny Cash, and My Chemical Romance. “My songwriting style is a blend of all these artists, featuring intricate lyrics and multifaceted themes,” Bye Mourning shares.

What’s the heartbeat of their music? Emotion. Connection. “I want to make people feel what I feel through my music,” they passionately express.

In this budding musical journey, a notable milestone gleams – securing a gig within a week of conceptualizing the stage name. It’s a testament to their dedication and immediate resonance within Lubbock’s music sphere.

So, step into Bye Mourning’s world, where Indie Y’allternative melodies paint a canvas of emotions and resonate with the soul.

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