Ghostlux: A Fusion of Alternative, Punk, and Indie Rock |

Behind the curtains of Ghostlux lies a symphony of diverse influences, a blend of alternative, punk, and indie rock that’s reshaping the music scene. Their journey began to solidify in August 2021 when Ghostlux officially emerged as a band. Yet, the roots of this musical venture trace back further, stemming from Reb’s project with her sister before the collective dream took flight, fueling a desire to perform and share their music with the world.

In the heart of Lubbock, Texas, Ghostlux found its ground, woven together by a shared aspiration to create art that resonates. A cohesive unit, each member brings a distinct musical palette: Reb, captivated by ’80s rock and the essence of indie singer-songwriters; Reina, embracing R&B influences; Adrian, steeped in classic rock and the energy of pop-punk.

This vibrant mosaic of inspirations gives Ghostlux its unique auditory tapestry, weaving nostalgia into every chord and riff. It’s not just about the music; it’s an expression of selfhood and authenticity, a calling to create art that echoes the joys of being true to oneself.

Their art carries a simple yet profound message — embrace who you are, revel in the creation of art, and immerse yourself in passions that set your soul on fire. Ghostlux stands as a testament to this ethos, a beacon of artistic integrity and creative freedom.

Among their moments in the spotlight, opening for Kurt Travis marked an early milestone. The release of their inaugural single, “Idealistic,” was another stepping stone in their ascent. But it’s the promise of forthcoming ventures that excites them most. 2024 holds the promise of new chapters, destined to carve out fresh, noteworthy moments that will etch Ghostlux deeper into the fabric of alternative music.

As Ghostlux continues to craft their distinctive sound, their story unfolds, each note an invitation to embrace individuality and the beauty of unfiltered artistic expression.

Lindsey Bruner

Blues/Country singer Lindsey Bruner

Lindsey Bruner: A Soulful Fusion of Modern Blues and Country |
Lindsey Bruner’s musical odyssey started in the cradle of melodies. Her voice, a testament to an innate talent, developed in tandem with her life’s journey. Rooted in childhood echoes of talent shows and melodies penned by influential maestros, Lindsey’s world revolved around music.

From the alleys of Aretha Franklin’s soulful resonance to the bluesy croons inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lindsey’s style is a captivating mix. The echoes of Fitzgerald’s jazz and the roaring anthems of Skynyrd amalgamate in her music, creating a unique fusion.

But it’s not just about musical echoes; it’s about weaving a tapestry of emotions. Her lyrics are laced with hope, a beacon for those seeking solace in music. For Lindsey, music is a remedy, an elixir that healed her soul, and now, she crafts melodies to soothe hearts.

One standout moment in her journey was recording ‘Devil In Disguise’ at Acuff Studios. This single, birthed from sheer determination, encapsulates Lindsey’s passion and commitment. It’s a testament to her resilience, marking a milestone in her rising career.

Highwater Revival

Highwater Revival band

Highwater Revival: Blending Country with Southern Rock |

Their journey began in separate chapters, each member playing a role in different bands, yet destiny beckoned them toward a unified sound. This synergy shaped Highwater Revival, an amalgamation of individual tales converging into a collective country and Southern rock crescendo.

Rooted in Lubbock’s soil, these musicians embody the city’s rhythm, each note echoing their shared experiences. Influenced by the likes of Cross Canadian Ragweed, Rick Trevino, and Black Stone Cherry, their sound bears the imprint of their diverse musical upbringing.

“It’s what we grew up on,” they muse, the soulful collision of Texas country and rock underpinning their melodic landscape. Their melodies transcend genres, painting tales of resilience, cowboy grit, and the zest for life – a spirited ode to the West Texas spirit.

Highwater Revival’s mission? To let loose, live a little, and soak in every moment. Their performances are more than music; they’re a rallying call to embrace life’s twists and turns with a grin.

The band boasts an impressive lineup of performances, having opened for Texas stalwarts like Whiskey Myers, Bart Crow, and Aaron Lewis. Each concert becomes a chapter in their story, a testament to their relentless pursuit of crafting music that resonates with audiences across the Lone Star State.

With Highwater Revival, it’s more than just music. It’s a celebration of camaraderie, a testament to shared roots, and an anthem to seizing the joyous moments life offers.

The Rico Project

The Rico Project: Rock Reverberations from Lubbock’s Heart |
In the heart of Lubbock, The Rico Project pumps out rock melodies that started in a garage and now spilling over to their living room, among other stages. For these local musicians, music is a lifelong passion rooted in the very fabric of their childhood in Lubbock.

Their rock style draws inspiration from a diverse range—Kings of Leon’s raw fervor, Van Halen’s electric vibes, Metallica’s thunderous rhythms, and Tom Petty’s poignant melodies. To them, their sound is like crashing waves, mixing serenity with life’s raw realities.

The Rico Project creates original music that serves as an escape from the daily grind. Their goal? Bringing people together through emotions shared in their songs. Opening for TRAPT earlier this year marked a milestone, but every stage they grace becomes a part of their musical journey.

From the living room jams to local spots of Lubbock, The Rico Project’s music paints a picture of unity and escape, offering an oasis in the chaos.

Keith Paschal

Unveiling the Melodic Trails of Keith Paschal: Echoes of Lubbock’s Red Dirt Rhapsody |
Amidst the dust-laden plains of Lubbock, a musical saga unfolds. Keith Paschal, a luminary in the city’s vibrant artistic firmament, narrates his soulful journey through the vibrant threads of country and red dirt music.

Emerging onto the musical scene in 2010, Keith’s melodic odyssey traces its roots to the humble teachings of his uncle at the tender age of 11. These foundational chords sparked an indelible passion, a chord progression that harmonized Keith’s life with music’s resounding rhythms.

From resonating chords at dances to the spirited rhythm of rodeos, Lubbock’s vibrant aura became Keith’s canvas. “It was time,” Keith reminisces, as he embraced the city’s essence to craft his unique sonic expedition.

Merle Haggard’s raw honesty, CCR’s Southern resonance, and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s bluesy fervor—these legends resonate within Keith’s melodies. Their influence intertwines seamlessly, infusing his music with authenticity and soul.

“Crafting stories others relate to,” Keith affirms, his lyrical symphonies weaving narratives that echo universal experiences. Each chord strikes a chord, every verse a shared memory.

Opening stages for Confederate Railroad, Ronnie McDowell, Stoney Larue, and the Great Divide—these are not mere moments; they’re crescendos in Keith’s symphonic career, notes etched into his musical opus.

As Keith readies to unveil his latest single, the orchestration of Lubbock’s musical chronicles continues. Every strum of the guitar carries the city’s echoes, every note an ode to the Red Dirt’s soulful legacy. Keith Paschal, an artisan of tales through music, painting Lubbock’s canvas with the hues of his melodic rhapsody.


Unveiling Lubbock’s Rising Stars: Jeune |

In the heart of the Lone Star State lies a burgeoning music scene, pulsating with raw talent and unbridled creativity. Amidst the vibrant underground of Lubbock, Texas, a magnetic energy emanates from the indie-alternative sounds of a band poised for greatness: Jeune.

Formed in the tumultuous year of 2020, Jeune is a collective of artists whose musical journey began right here in the dusty plains of Lubbock. Their muse? The desire to unfurl their creative tapestries within both the local landscape and the boundless reaches of the online realm.

When asked about their style, the band wraps their sound in the elusive veil of indie and alternative influences. Yet, their musical DNA boasts strands from an eclectic spectrum spanning indie melodies, folk-Americana roots, the audacious spirit of metal, and all harmonies in between. It’s this rich tapestry of varied influences that provides the fertile ground for Jeune’s distinct sonic palette.

“Our different musical backgrounds grant us the liberty to weave our narratives with absolute freedom,” shares one of the band members, underscoring how their diverse influences are the threads stitching their sonic identity together.

The band’s ambition transcends the mere creation of music; it’s about carving an emotional sanctuary for their audience. Through their ethereal, atmospheric vocals and emotionally charged compositions, Jeune endeavors to carve out a unique space within the listener’s soul.

A significant milestone in their ascension came with the recent Flatland Film Festival hosted by LHUCA, where their music video for “Memory” was featured—a testament to their growing prominence. The honor of being part of such a prestigious event not only validated their artistic prowess but also shone a spotlight on their rising star within the local music firmament.

As the sun sets over the expansive Texan horizon, Jeune’s music emerges as a beacon illuminating the path for Lubbock’s emerging artists, proving that within the depths of the underground, a new constellation is born—one that bears the name “Jeune.” Keep your ears tuned and your hearts open, for this band is destined to paint the sky with their melodic hues.

In the underground of Lubbock, where dreams are forged and echoes resonate, Jeune stands tall—a testament to the potent magic brewing within the city’s artistic veins.


Reymarcos on his hip-hop journey

Introducing Reymarcos: Crafting Hip Hop with Heart |

Enter the realm of Reymarcos, where the pulse of hip hop beats in rhythm with life’s reflections. His musical odyssey commenced at a tender age of 8, sparked by Zro’s “I Hate You”. That moment birthed a passion that would define his journey.

Driven purely by love for the craft, Reymarcos found himself drawn to Lubbock’s music scene, where the beat of his heart harmonized with the city’s musical essence.

His influences, a constellation of legends including Eminem, Zro, Spm, Russ, and Pimp C, serve as guiding stars in his artistic universe. “They’ve sculpted my sound, unlocking the ability to express emotions and nurturing an independent mindset,” Reymarcos shares.

But beyond beats and rhymes, his music carries a deeper resonance. “Let the hardships in life be the fuel to launch you to a better tomorrow,” he advocates passionately through his lyrics, weaving threads of hope and resilience.

Amongst the milestones adorning his career path, stands a single he produced, soaring to the top of streaming platforms. It’s a testament to his dedication and connection with his audience.

To delve deeper into Reymarcos’ world, immerse yourself in his “Rhythm and Reflections” podcast, where music meets the soul in a captivating symphony.

Bye Mourning

the Indie Y'allternative world of Bye Mourning

Introducing Bye Mourning: Crafting Indie Y’allternative Vibes |

Enter the realm of Bye Mourning, a burgeoning force in Lubbock’s music tapestry. Their musical expedition took root amidst a backdrop of musicians, nurturing a passion for melodies from an early age.

Inspired by the vibrant musical scene and pursuing higher education, Bye Mourning found solace in Lubbock’s rich music culture. “I’m here for college, and the music scene is pretty sweet,” they note.

Their artistic canvas draws hues from diverse influences like Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Childers, Cage the Elephant, Johnny Cash, and My Chemical Romance. “My songwriting style is a blend of all these artists, featuring intricate lyrics and multifaceted themes,” Bye Mourning shares.

What’s the heartbeat of their music? Emotion. Connection. “I want to make people feel what I feel through my music,” they passionately express.

In this budding musical journey, a notable milestone gleams – securing a gig within a week of conceptualizing the stage name. It’s a testament to their dedication and immediate resonance within Lubbock’s music sphere.

So, step into Bye Mourning’s world, where Indie Y’allternative melodies paint a canvas of emotions and resonate with the soul.

Rattlesnake Roy

Lubbock's Podcast trailblazer - Rattlesnake Roy

Unveiling Rattlesnake Roy: The Podcasting Dynamo |

In the vibrant landscape of Lubbock’s entertainment scene, Rattlesnake Roy stands tall as a pioneer in the world of podcasting. His journey commenced humbly, armed only with a phone and a fervent desire to create something extraordinary.

Inspired by titans like Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz, Rattlesnake Roy carefully crafts a podcasting tapestry that transcends mere words. It’s a gateway to uncharted ideas and a breath of levity in the chaos of life.

His influences? They’re his tapestry’s threads. “I’m basically all of those guys put together in one,” he quips with a grin.

What’s the heartbeat of his podcast? It’s more than just entertainment; it’s a catalyst for dreams. “To inspire people to pursue their dreams and be whoever they want to be in this life,” he passionately expresses.

Amidst this audio adventure, there’s a defining moment etched in Rattlesnake Roy’s memory – his first live session. It was a rush of adrenaline, nerves entwined with excitement, marking the inception of something monumental in his podcasting voyage.

So, step into Rattlesnake Roy’s world of podcasts – where laughter, motivation, and a dash of inspiration create an audio symphony that’s bound to captivate and inspire.

Morgan Hyman

Stand-up comedy and music artist - Morgan Hyman

Unveiling Lubbock’s Musical Maverick: Morgan Hyman |

In the fabric of Lubbock’s musical legacy stands Morgan Hyman, a dynamic blend of stand-up comedy and musical genius, interweaving laughter with heartfelt tunes. His journey traces back to the late ’90s, where he first dipped his toes into Lubbock’s musical waters, strumming melodies and orchestrating lyrical symphonies.

From hosting local events to a groundbreaking leap into stand-up comedy in 2022, Morgan’s evolution was a testament to life’s twists and turns. A lifelong love affair with music and comedy culminated in a solo venture, crafting laughter-infused melodies that resonate with Lubbock’s soul.

Warren Zevon, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and the captivating Pedro the Lion/David Bazan – these musical maestros etched their influence deep within Morgan’s artistic soul. Their introspective lyrics and emotionally rich compositions paved the way for Morgan’s sound – a delicate balance of depth and humor.

In the world of comedy, luminaries like Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Eugene Mirman, and Maria Bamford guided his comedic compass. Their blend of wit, intelligence, and absurdity ignited Morgan’s quest to craft humor that resonates, making people chuckle at life’s quirks while navigating through controversial subjects.

Through his work, Morgan aspires to bring laughter, a temporary respite from the world’s chaos. He delves into the controversial yet advocates for the healing power of laughter, reminding us that amidst life’s divisions, laughter can unite.

A highlight in Morgan’s musical career, an opening act for a comedy hypnotist in San Angelo, Texas, marked a milestone in his journey, a testament to his versatility and magnetic stage presence.

In Lubbock’s musical chronicles, Morgan Hyman’s chapter adds a vibrant hue, intertwining humor, melody, and a dash of introspection, captivating audiences one chuckle at a time.

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